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About eight months ago, she started dating an actor who appeared on a popular black sitcom that has since been cancelled.Her family was impressed with him because he was a celebrity. That evening, she went out to dinner with the actor.Afterwards, she went into his bathroom, her head was still throbbing and she opened his medicine cabinet, looking for aspirin, instead she found AIDS medications (the same her brother took before his death).She angrily confronted the actor; he tried to deny it until she threw the vials in his face.

After the movie, before they became intimate, she insisted on protection, he balked, she grabbed her coat, he relented, she stayed, and they proceeded to have sex.

Once in a relationship with former co-star Ashish Kapoor, Priyal believes dating an actor isn’t for her.

She says, “I am not sure if I would ever marry an actor.

And we're interested in each other's worlds." PHOTOS: Babies of the year They're also building a world of their own together, with daughter Rose Dorothy, whom they welcomed last September.

"The biggest joy that I have is looking at my daughter," Johansson gushed.

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    Speaking back in 2015, Nathalie said: “It’s a very innocent thing.

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